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Woodchips Request

We generate a lot of wood chips during our tree care operations. Wood chips serve as excellent mulch
and soil cover. Natural wood chips break down over time and deliver organic matter to the soil improving
soil texture and structure. Wood chip mulch over soil can reduce compaction of soil. Wood chips are not a
one-time application like some indestructible bark cover. Because chips break down and “give back” to
the soil, repeat applications will be needed over time.

We would love to leave the ground tree parts on your property following our tree care work. If you are
interested, please let us know before or during our work on your property.

If you would like to receive a load of wood chips, please complete the form below, or call our office.
When we are working near your home, we can deliver the chips free of charge. If you can’t wait for a
convenient free delivery, you may pay for us to deliver the chips at a requested time.

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I will accept a load of chips with up to a garbage can of debris:
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If you want a specific type of chip, have delivery details regarding access such as gate codes, obstructions to delivery, size of truck that can be used, overhead wires, etc. please let us know here: