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Industry Best Equipment

Quality, Professional, Environmentally Aware

Our equipment is clean and operational. We meet all the air quality and vehicle license requirements, and are fully insured. Our crews practice the industry safety standards, and we arrive in clean uniforms. We care for your property the same way we care for our crews and equipment.

Our brush chippers are designed to accept large size material. We chip and as much of the wood generated as possible. The chips are re-used for mulch, co-generation, or compost. Large logs are sent to wood workers, and the other wood is processed for firewood. The only wood taken to dump sites are quarantined materials such as diseased Elm logs, or decayed material that is not desirable for firewood.

High Quality Reliable Equipment

Our trucks, chippers, stump grinders, loader, aerial lift, and chain saw equipment are clean and well-maintained in excellent working condition to get the job done fast and efficiently the first time. We avoid rescheduling due to equipment down time. High volume wood chippers allow us to clean up faster, increasing efficiency. Our crews are trained and skilled in the proper equipment operation and use.

If we don’t have what we need for your work, we rent the appropriate equipment for the job from cranes, to backhoes, to excavators. We are committed to performing the best workmanship with the right equipment for the job.

Sotelo’s owns the first diesel chipper engine in compliance with the newest Sacramento Air Quality Board regulations. Our commitment to quality includes staying abreast of the latest equipment developments and requirements and incorporating them into our daily operations.