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About Us

Commitment to Excellence and Improving the Tree Care profession

Committment to ExcellenceSotelo’s encourages their employees to obtain the industry certifications and attend industry training sessions. Engaged educated employees see the bigger picture than just coming to work each day. My commitment to you is that I will hire the best people and give them the training and resources to perform your work at a high quality in a professional manner. My crews will continue to learn and be engaged in their chosen profession.

We want to be your trusted tree care company.
Eva Sotelo


Services we provide:

Sotelo’s Tree Care, Inc. provides the full range of tree care services. Our specialty is tree maintenance services ranging from pruning, to planting, to removal, to stump removal. We also want to make sure our clients receive the appropriate work to keep their trees healthy and manage the risk associated with their trees. When necessary, we partner with reliable trusted associates to complete the scope of work and deliver a quality service or product for our clients.

If you don’t see the service you were looking for, please contact us. We may provide that service and have it listed under a different title.